CTA was founded in 1945 to provide educators a viable alternative in professional organizations. We are the only proactive voice for teachers in North Carolina.  For you, our members, this means that you have an organization which is engaged daily at the grass roots level.  Together, we can make a difference!

CTANC membership provides the MOST coverage, the greatest leverage, and the strongest voice for YOU compared to any other organization.

Starting October 15th 2020 the membership fees will be $180 per year if paid in full. Other payment options and terms will be available on our webpage at that time. Click for Details

We are offering an Incentive Plan for each member who recruits NEW members between now and December 31. Summer cash will be paid for each member you recruit. Be sure to have them put your name on the recruited by line on their application.

We can arrange Zoom Meetings for groups that you set up to encourage membership. Please let us know how we can assist you to help YOUR organization grow.